Completely Integrated Voltage Sag Tolerant Module

Electric service supply voltage sags and dips are a fact of life. Caused by weather, falling tree limbs, and animal intrusion events, electric utility system faults are unavoidable and can be expected dozens of times a year at the typical facility site.

The good news is that critical process equipment can stay up and running when you need it by applying PQSI Coil-Locks on relays, contactors, and motor starters that often are diagnosed as weak links in automated production lines because these coil operated devices usually have a low tolerance to electric service voltage sags.

The 120Vac and 240Vac Coil-Lock products shown in the above photos represent a major breakthrough in assembling electronic components for cost-effective voltage sag protection.

The Coil-Lock electronics works with AC relays, contactors, and solenoids as a hold-in-device that keeps motors and other critical process elements on the line during those annoying momentary voltage sags.

Literally, any device that is controlled by energizing an AC coil, when powered through a Coil-Lock unit will continue to operate as intended through these power disturbances. Not only does the Coil-Lock protect the coil circuits from voltage sags, but also has the ability to protect coils from lightning and switching induced transients just like a surge suppressor.

The Coil-Lock’s compact packaging combined with its Din Rail octal relay socket-mounting base make the Coil-Lock unit easy to fit into almost any commercial and industrial application.

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