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Momentary voltage drops are responsible for billions of dollars per year in lost revenues. These revenues lost effect tremendously the Manufacturing and Process Industries. PQSI’s Coil-Lock, hold-in-device, keeps motors and other critical process control elements engaged during voltage drops and dips.

PQSI works with each company on an individual, customized level and we always support doing what is right every time, every customer.

The Coil-Lock is not time-based, therefore it maintains operation during sag events. Voltage can drop up to 75% and the Coil-Lock will keep contacts closed and processes and motors running with only 25% of remaining voltage.

*Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Canadian Electric Associations (CEA), and National Power Laboratory (NPL)

How It Works

The Coil-Lock allows critical power processes and elements to stay active during power disturbances; thus, keeping relays, contactors, and motor starters engaged.



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Providing Your Solution:

  • There are hundreds of power conditioning devices available on the market and the best choice needs to be made for your needs.
  • Most of these devices have strengths and weaknesses, some have marginal effectiveness and some excellent.
  • We will help determine where to condition the electric service supply for your equipment. Our product may resolve your process “trips and upsets” with strategically placed Coil-Locks to eliminate most voltage drops from being the cause of halting your processing equipment.


Solving Power Quality Problems Due to Voltage Drops

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