Frequently Asked Questions

What does a coil-lock do?

Relays, contactors, and motor starters are used extensively in commercial and industrial facilities to control business machines and process equipment. These devices often have a low tolerance to electric service voltage sags, and are diagnosed as “weak links” in automated production lines. 

During common voltage sags, the solenoid coils in these motor-driven systems may de-energize long enough to cause the power circuit mechanical contacts to open, and the connected electrical equipment to shutdown. This situation can disrupt business operations and impact an entire manufacturing facility. 

The Coil-Lock eliminates costly process downtime, installs in minutes, and can be a cost-effective alternative to other voltage sag protection methods. 

The Coil-Lock product is available in different models to be compatible with most relays, contactors, or solenoid coils, and is ideal for protecting master control relays, and E-stop circuits.

The Coil-Lock does not utilize and battery or capacitive energy storage devices to provide its voltage sag protection capability.

Yes. There is a rectifier.  The equations are proprietary and based on many years of research and testing.

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